Collectible Comics Check Your Attic

By Ann Marier

Most collections start out as simple pastimes or hobbies and turn out to be an investment in due course. One such hobby that has turned out to be so for many the collectors, is that of collectible comics.

History of Comics

The very first comic sketch is believed to date back as far behind as the mid 1800s. However, we are all aware that since mankind existed we always tried to write or sketch serious or funny drawings. It is very hard to pin point the exact time and date when the first comic book was published but there are a few comics that are considered collectible comics by the collectors.


Finding Collectible Comics

It is definitely not an easy task as many of us don’t give so much importance to comic books to store and preserve them. Garage sales, estates sales and tag sales should be the first choice to look for collectible comics. Especially estate sales are where people take out things, books and comics that they have been carefully stored away a lifetime. Some are found at an incredible bargain and some of course know its value and will sell them at the right price.

Local newspapers are another place to look for collectible comic ads. This usually will be under ads that sounds like ‘buying and selling old books’ or ‘antique sale’. Another great way to find value collectible comics is online. Here you will find a large number of sites, stores and bargains.

However, the biggest threat online is that you could be taken for a ride, or defrauded. In order to ensure purchase of authentic collectible items, especially those of high value, buy only from trusted sites and stores who guarantee its authenticity.

Paying the Right Price for Collectible Comics

It is very hard to know what makes some collectible comics more valuable than others as many will sell better due to their popularity and some will be in demand due to the fact that they are rare and hard to acquire. You will need to judge each item individually and try to evaluate as best as possible its worth. In the end its real worth is only what it is worth to you.

Hobbies are food for the soul, which fill us with joy and happiness. Hobbies are what we turn to when we want to tune out life’s realities. Indulge in your hobbies and find the real you.

About the Author: Ann Marier has written many articles on family life and different family health issues. Her latest articles tell you all about acquiring different "collectibles" for fun and possibly a profit.

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